Construction of Spiritual Centers


Dhyanyoga Centers

Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York, is a Yoga retreat and spiritual-educational center just over one hour from New York City, founded in 1964 by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (then Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.) as the country center of the Yoga Society of New York, Inc.


Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (KTD) is the North American seat of His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, head of the 900-year-old Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and guide to millions of Buddhists around the world.  Beautifully situated in the northern Catskill Mountains above Woodstock, New York, KTD offers traditional teachings and contemporary programs by lineage masters under the guidance of the Gyalwang Karmapa and our resident teachers: Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, Khenpo Ugyen Tenzin, Khenpo Karma Tenkyong, Lama Karma Thendup, and Lama Karma Drodhul. The English translation of our name is “Karmapa’s Dharma Wheel of the Three Vehicles,” which represent the three paths to enlightenment. All are welcome.\


Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute

Established in 1951 by Swami Kuvalyananda the Gordhandas Seksaria College of Yoga & Cultural Synthesis is an institute for the training of Yoga instructors. In fact, it has built a high international reputation for excellence, and students enrol from all parts of India and the world for yoga training. But the College’s excellence is not just for training people as Yoga instructors. Substantial activities are also undertaken with the military, police and medical professionals, business executives and, not least, school teachers.


The Sambodh Society

The Sambodh Society, Inc. is based upon a combination of 3 aims: 

:: To promote understanding of India’s ancient spiritual heritage, particularly through teaching of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras and the Vedantic philosophy of the Indian philosopher Sankaracharya,

:: To activate the inner spiritual power of individuals via instruction in meditation, and,

:: To turn this power towards active and constructive social service.