Eastern Healing, Western Science


In the Western world, the approach to treat disease starts with treating the symptoms and often avoids the root cause, which will continue to appear in new ways later in life.  Western Medicine has benefited from extensive scientific research to prove its effectiveness, which is often short-term and ignores the longer-term repercussions.

In the Eastern World, the approach is much more holistic looking at the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  While many of the modalities available in the Eastern world are very effective, they have not received the scientific research, testing, and exposure to prove their healing capabilities.  

Our goal is to bridge the gap between scientifically-proven western medicine and the ancient eastern medicine and healing modalities.  Through modern scientific research, testing, teaching and supporting people who use these practices in everyday life, we make the Eastern healing modalities more accessible, relatable and trusted.

We have experienced the transformational powers of these techniques in our own lives and we believe they can increase the wellbeing of all people and the environment.


Nigol Koulajian
Founder of the NOK Foundation